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You want to know how to create and encourage an insurgency?

What you do is:
  • separate boys from their families
  • keep those boys poor, uneducated, dependant on grudging charity and resentful
  • for extra kicks, let them know how well those members of their family who were allowed to leave the country access a semblance of civility are doing
  • make sure that they know how thoroughly screwed they really are
  • wait.

But no, that can't be right? Everyone knows that the insurgency is all Al Qa'eda and the Iranians, don't they?

Don't the Iraqis know how much America has sacrificed to make them poor, hungry and in continual fear for their lives free? Don't they care?
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You remember Iraq, don't you? Liberated Iraq, where the only problems are from those resistance fighters insurgents terrorists? Where there were some slight abberations, but the Bad Apples responsible for that have been punished, and the flunkies bootlickers Vichy régime elected government have been full of nothing but praise for their invaders occupying power liberators. Actually, that's not quite true, but the principle remains, or something.

Well, anyway, even if you discount the torture vigorous interrogation of innocent people suspected insurgents, and their secret executions and disappearances prompt and just treatment, it seems those dang Iraqis still aren't happy.

Why, you'd think what with all the night-time raids, jackboots at the door at OMFG-o'clock, and summary arrests where men are taken away without explanation and never seen again, that they'd be grateful for the rigorous protections they are receiving against those horrible, horrible insurgents. What ingratitude!

Oh, did you think I was joking, or even exaggerating?

I wish I was. I really really wish I was exaggerating )

Imagine, if you will, your suburb locked down with no warning, your door kicked in at Fuck-me-dead in the morning, your neighbors taken away and never seen again.

Ave Bossa nova, similis Bossa seneca... There are, it seems, two differences between Saddam's régime and the New Iraqi Order:
  1. Saddam never said he was doing it for his victim's own good, and
  2. Saddam was never as wholesale as this.

Ooh, ooh, Catsidhe's saying that Saddam was good! Catsidhe's saying that Saddam was wonderful! No. Wrong. Go back to reading LittleGreenFootballs.
Catsidhe is saying that Saddam was evil, but that his replacements have combined comparable evil with hypocracy.

I am so sick of this.
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"You can't be against the invasion Liberation of Iraq! No-one can claim that the Iraqis were better off under Saddam! Well, he's gone, so the Iraqis are free and happy!"

Thing is, though, someone forgot to tell the Iraqis this.

Meanwhile, Some people really can learn from history.

It's official: Muslims are the new Jews. How long until Muslims are required to wear yellow crescents on their clothes? ... for 'security' reasons, of course. Any suggestion otherwise is completely outrageous, and must not be allowed to be propogated.

Are you now, or have you ever been a Muslim? Have you ever associated with Muslims? I put it to you that you have visited the house of a person who owns a copy of The Qur'an, what do you have to say to that? (Only these questioning sessions won't be televised.)


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