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Got a call from [ profile] mimdancer at about bang on 17:30, that the power had gone off.

Again. At almost exactly the same time as it did yesterday.

Seriously not fucking impressed. And while I may be at work still, which is how I can tell you these things, it is about 32˚ in here, aircon notwithstanding.

Someone please tell me who is responsible for this, so that I can hunt them down and punch them in the face until my fist comes out the back of their head.
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If I had wanted to live on the surface of the sun, I'd have moved to Queensland.

So I get home last night to discover that the power had gone off at 17:30.

Yay. I go shopping, get drinks and find tealight candles[0]. We set up strategic candles as the sun goes down. We open the house hoping for a breeze in lieu of the air-conditioning, or any fans. We look at the flats next door, and see that they're watching television...


We investigate the main power distribution board for the flats. The front two, one of which was us, was out. No movement on the dial at all. The other four are on. As are the outside lights. We get phone calls from family: they all have power out too; down the road, Moorabbin, Beaconsfield. We try to call AGL's line to find out an ETA on restoration if nothing else. It is busy.

We got power back at 22:45 or so. That's something at least.

I really hope this is not a pattern for the rest of the week. I also hope that Mum and K's power didn't go out yesterday, because 45.mumble degrees is not conducive to a good time.

[0] It seems at my local Coles, there are only three possible reasons for you to want candles: 1. You want stinking rancid essential-oily decorative things with flowers and pretty colours, 2. you are having a barbequeue and want to pretend that citronella will make the blowflies and mosquitoes go away, or 3. you're Jewish. I eventually found non-scented, non-citronella tealights... in the Kosher section, above the matza.


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