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You know how the USA is not really a racist country, and that any problems which black people have there is their own fault, and talk of reparations is just divisive and offensive nonsense because it has been so long since the end of slavery that any further inequality must be their own fault?

Yeah, the technical term for that would be a lie

Douglas A. Blackmon has documented how there was still slavery in the United States until at least the second World War. Not just Forced Labour, or Indentured Servitude, but full-blown chattel slavery, complete with impunity over deaths.
Excerpt from the book )

There are probably still, in 2008, people alive who were arrested on arbitrary grounds, imprisoned for the inability to pay obscenely disproportionate fines, then sold or rented to corporations to be worked under inhuman conditions with no consequences if they were to be killed therefrom.
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You have a secret back door into the private communications of the most feared and hated terrorist organisation in the world. Do you:
  1. Keep this discovery top secret, not letting anyone at all know, in case you lose the chance to discover something really big on the way, possibly letting suicide bombings through so as to not poison the well,
  2. Keep this discovery secret, but pass selected intelligence on to other organisations, warning them of planned upcoming bombings and other such incidents and doing ongoing good with the information, or
  3. Immediately tell Fox News, thus utterly screwing the pooch and locking that door forever, in return for ten seconds of good PR?

Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.

(via Bob Harris.)


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