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You can only sit back and applaud the sheer volume of detail which has been put into this obvious parody of the most insane frothings of the paranoid wingnut right conspiracy theorists: Barak HUSSEIN Obama is actually the lovechild of Malcolm X.

It's a beautiful, absurdist parody which draws you in to this dysfunctional, semi-literate world of fear, hate, and st00pid, until you almost believe that the author is serious.

What do you mean “They really are serious”?

(h/t Greg Saunders at This Modern World.)
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If Ms Palin is so keen to redefine the word “Socialist” as “baby-eating monster”, maybe she might like to learn what the word actually means first.
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In one crucial respect, Palin and Bush have something in common with Oprah: they skilfully use dialect and context switching to narrowcast what they're saying to a very specific audience.

When it's done for Evil, it's called “Dogwhistling”.
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Remember how when people first started saying “liberal black presidential candidate... hmm. Given the examples of JFK (president + liberal), and MLK (liberal + black), I hope Obama isn't assassinated, because that would suck,” and how the wingnuts broke out in hysterical laughter and said “Oh, you pathetic paranoid delusional fools!, no-one's going to try and kill That One!”? Remember?
Funny. It turns out that people have had a hard-on for killing Obama, after all. Again. This is the second plan that I know of.

You know how there's this really big threat to democracy in a group which is trying to enrol poor people democrats untold hordes of filthy frauds who will ruin the election?
Yeah, can we call bullshit on that one yet?

Which is not to say that there aren't Democrat arseholes as well. FFS.

And now, back to my usual, everyday, flatspin panic at work.
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Shorter Sarah Palin: Terrorists are only terrorists if they're Muslims or Democrats. White Republicans can not be terrorists, nor do they ever support terrorism.

The Haneef case. It turns out that after he was arrested at the airport (at which point they were actually justified in their action), it was determined that he would be kept until they could prove he did something. Even the withdrawal of his visa and immigration internment was part of the strategy, not just a last-minute panic reaction. Those of us who said at the time that it was a fix-up? Turns out we were right.


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