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The adventures of a boy named Brendan, in a monastery called Kells, as he helps finish a certain book.

Amongst his companions are a wild girl in the forest named Aislinn, and his white cat: Pangur Bán. Anseo.

The Vikings are portrayed, not as they were, but as the Irish Christians saw them: wolves of the sea, destructive and rapacious as a storm or a fire.

Bar-barra, I will get my hands on this, and you and I must see it. Ar mhaith leat é sin?
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"This is your brain on Anime"
(IMDB, Trailer at Apple, Other trailers)
Looks Shiny!

Day Watch
The English version of Дневно́й дозо́р. At last!
(IMDB, Trailer at Apple, Other trailers)
If you've read the books, you'll kinda recognise what they've done to the plot. But again, going from the trailer, it looks way cool.

Catch a falling star...
(IMDB, Trailer at Apple, Other trailers)
The movie of Neil Gaiman's book. If you'd been reading his blog, you'd know about it.

Now I just need an opportunity to actually see a movie. Any movie. I still haven't seen 300 yet. (Though it won't kill me, I suppose.)

[ profile] usuakari, [ profile] tooticky, I have these trailers available for view when you come for dinner. When are you coming for dinner? (hint hint)


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