Sep. 14th, 2005 10:35 am
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The first part of Afterlife last night was spooky, and that's me saying it. The concept of an event so heinous that it causes echoes before it happens...

Mim and I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night. I went home early, we put Abbi to bed, said goodbye to babysitting Mother-In-Law, and went to the Classic.
Someone mixed some bad acid in with the sherbert... but it worked. Willie was just plain spooky, especially when no-one was watching him and his daffy air vanished as he thoughtfully studied the children.

We got home do discover Mother-In-Law in distraction. Susannah had gotten upset the minute we walked out the door, refused to be settled, had woken Abbi, and had then thrown up all over MiL. "I told you she was evil," I said, "but did anyone believe me...?"
Susannah calmed down almost immediately as we walked back in the door.
Apparantly MiL had been nagging Mim about the baby clothes and chuck rags all over the living room. Then last night, when Susannah emptied her stomach, and MiL was looking around desperately for some clean clothes and some chuck rags... See? it's not laziness, it's practical.

Then this morning last night at 4:00am, Susannah woke again and refused to go back to sleep. Which meant that neither Mim nor I could sleep either. Even when we got a nap, it was too short to be of any use. Then she threw up all over me.


In other news, given that I am unusually chatty, and have been enthused to work on several projects simultaneously, and make progress in all of them, and am sleepy, but not particularly tired, I suspect I am experiencing mild mania. I'll attempt to enjoy it while it lasts, and try and buffer for the inevitable downswing.
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Last night I think I had a migrane.

At least, I really, really hope it was a migrane, because I don't want to think about the alternatives.

The first symptoms were the visual artifacts. Much as the last time I had a migrane, well over a decade ago, the right-hand side of the universe ceased to be treated as important by my brain. This led to such interesting concepts as half of my head ceasing to exist when I stopped looking directly at it in the mirror. I thought that I would calm down with a book, as the artifacts were making it very difficult to code. I picked The Science of Diskworld. It took me a while to realise that I wasn't actually reading it. By the time I had gotten through the first half page, I could no longer connect two words together. I could (with difficulty) read a word, and another word, but I could not figure out what the connection between them was, let alone for an entire sentence. This had started to be concerning when Mim started to ask me questions. After the second question, I realised that I had heard every word of her question, and understood not one of them.

I started to get alarmed, and tried to tell Mim what was happening. I think I got the message across by default.
"Dannet I, cob't uggersad you!" I think is what I said at one point. Mim said later that I was talking gibberish, in almost words. Until it wore off, I was enjoying a bout of full-blown aphasia -- I had completely lost the power of understanding or producing meaningful speech. The visual artifacts and the severe (but not canonically migrane-intensity) headache did not help. After an hour or two it wore off.

At first I thought it was a reaction to the industrial-quantities of cold-and-flu tablets I've been taking so that I merely feel crap, instead of lacking the energy to even gasp for a quick death. The migrane theory came as we went to bed, and does make some more sense, given as I hadn't overdosed on the pseudoephidrine/paracetomol/codine tablets. The lingering fear, however, did mean that I felt worse this morning than I had to, because I avoided the medication in case it triggered the aphasia again.

I would much prefer it if that doesn't happen again, thank you.

Now Mim's getting snotty as well, Abbi had a nightmare which woke her up from her nap this afternoon, and tomorrow is the Scribal Workshop, and with one thing and another, I doubt that I will be able to go.

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Urgh. I feel like every muscle in my body has been removed, pounded flat with a meat mallet, dipped in egg and flour, then restrung on my skeleton, backwards.

But now for something completely different:

Try this in Perl:

foreach($|-$...$,){print substr$:,0,$.,'';sleep$.;};__END__
:2G5S="!A;F]T:&5R(%!E<FP@2&%C:V5R(`H`# David Cameron Staples

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Go read this. And the comments.
Now read the followup, and its comments.

Now talk amongst yourselves.
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One of the people responsable for the Crazy Frog has apologised.

The ring tone was created in the late 1990s by Swedish teenager Daniel Malmedahl, who posted his impersonation of a two-stroke motor - "Beh-ding ding ding dididing ding bing bing pscht'' - on the web after it amused his friends.

Erik Wernquist, a 3D graphics designer, downloaded the bizarre noise and in 2003 created a cartoon of a frog wearing a racing helmet to go with it, initially naming it The Annoying Thing.

He has since apologised: "I totally understand that it's annoying for everybody who has to see it.''

One of my cow-orkers has the Happy Tree Friends theme as his ring tone. This is one of which I heartily approve, given: 1) his is the only phone I have heard with it, and 2) HTF&F is pretty cool in its own right. Hmmm, demented elfish cute furry animals on acid and nitrous (and possibly helium), with chainsaws. What's not to love?
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In an idle moment the other day, I went searching for tablatures for the classical guitar. I like playing the guitar, but I never learnt to read music, so tablature is sorta necessary for me.
I actually found some. One good site I found was here. One of the pieces available is J.S. Bach's Bourrée in E minor, BWV996 (PDF). It's only one page. It's only 1:15 as played by John Williams (as on this CD). It is also, I might add, a complete bugger to play. I can almost play the first section (once only) in the same time it takes John to play the entire piece. I haven't even started trying the second section.

John makes it sound so easy.

No, wait, that doesn't get across the depth of my feelings on this.

John makes it sound so fscking easy.

Most of the sites which rate the difficulty of the music give this as about 2/3 (ie., 6:10, or 4:6). Oh yeah, he thinks, it's only one page, how hard could it be?

Come back in twenty years, and I might be able to play it almost acceptably.

PS., I once played this album to a person who shall remain nameless, who taught music. He didn't think much of it, because you can hear the squeak of John's hands slipping on the strings every so often. This indicated, apparantly, that John wasn't professional enough. Having experienced what your left hand has to do for even the simplest part of the simplest piece, I am even more dumbfounded than I was at the time.


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