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Democratic Opposition declares defeat in Burma Myanmar

Both Democratic parties accused the Junta of ‘irregularities’.

The ruling Junta denied that there were any irregularities, or that there was any threat of military retaliation for voting incorrectly, or that it is true that the votes were about as secret as Paris Hilton's love life, or that anyone who dared run in opposition to them was being shot in the head and dumped in mass graves as we speak.

Western Nations declared “concern” with the result, and urged restraint on the already blood-soaked kleptocrats and psychopaths running Burma Myanmar.

The Junta's spokesman said that they would very seriously consider it. Reports that his fingers were crossed at the time are unconfirmed.
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Australia has a new Prime Minister.

Our new Prime Minister is the redheaded, single unmarried, childless, atheist, Welsh (by birth), Julia Gillard.

Now let's see if she's better than Rudd.

And let's, more the point, see how the election campaign against the conservative, Catholic, ‘women should get back in the kitchen’ opposition leader Tony Abbott goes.

*gets a supply of popcorn ready*


Apr. 16th, 2010 11:43 am
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In the comments to a post about a particularly egregious case of Pathological Libertarianism, there was this (possibly old) gem:
All political ideologies are "big tent" ideologies; Communists want the whole tent to themselves, capitalists want this whole tent AND someone else's, anarchists want a new tent and libertarians want to dismantle the tent while they're still in it.
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I see articles from the Left on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, and more often than not they're either making heroic efforts to understand it, or just flat out saying “Seriously, even we think WTF!”

Then I see vitriolic drivel from wannabe Neo-Cons who never got the memo, saying “Peace prize becomes a travesty”.

Well, Paul Sheehan, you're not just wrong, you're stupid.

For a start, the Nobel Peace Prize became a travesty in 1973, with the event which made Tom Lehrer quit, saying that satire was now obsolete.

And second, Sheehan is sheeting blame at exactly the wrong people.
Since then, the US President has knowingly propped up a corrupt and violent regime in Afghanistan led by a lying fraud. He has achieved nothing to prevent the continued building of Israeli settlements on the Palestinian West Bank.
... yeah. As opposed, of course, to the man responsible for putting that corrupt and violent regime in power in the first place. As opposed to all the help Bush gave to the beleaguered Palestinian people, and all the punishment he handed out to Israel... Oh, wait, he did none of either.

And I don't remember Sheehan saying anything about helping the Palestinians last year. I don't remember him castigating anyone for allowing Karzai to remain in ‘control’ of Afghanistan Khabul last year. Suddenly, now that a Democrat is in (theoretic) control, it's all his fault. Has Sheehan become a lefty, now? Because all the things he's bitching and moaning about Obama not having done yet are all the things we've been yelling about for a few years now.

And, yes, we are pissed off that Obama hasn't gotten around to any of that yet. But given the way he's been treated over his attempt to institute a Heath System for Americans which isn't an insane Dickensian nightmare, I'm not surprised that his timetable has been somewhat disrupted.

But still. While there have been two other sitting US Presidents who have received the Nobel Peace Prize while in office (Teddy Roosevelt in 1906 and Woodrow Wilson in 1919), they were both in their second term. It really does look like Obama was given an award for not being Bush.

But still, the wingnuts are not screeching in outrage because it makes no sense, they're screeching because it's Obama. How dare he be popular! How dare people think that the Fox-‘News’-organised Teabagger astroturf isn't the real voice of America!

Why is it that US governments continue to support corrupt, violent and dysfunctional regimes?
asks demands Sheehan in high dudgeon. And that's an excellent question. Another would be: Why did the US Government put this corrupt violent and dysfunctional regime in power in the first place? It was no secret that the Taleban were popular in Afghanistan because they were an improvement over the thieves, murderers, druglords and warlords who became the Northern Alliance; of whom Karzai was the leader. So if Obama is having difficulty with Karzai, it's Bush who gave him that mess to clean up, and Obama at least knows that you can't bomb someone into democracy.

But, of course, if you're going to put forward a ridiculous smear, you may as well try and smear it over an entire swathe of the population:
The person most responsible for the Nobel committee's sycophancy is the chairman of the five-member committee, Thorbjoern Jagland, 58, a former prime minister of Norway with a long history of left-wing politics.
Of course, mentioning that the five members of the committee are Thorbjørn Jagland (Left), Kaci Kullmann Five (Right), Sissel Rønbeck (Left), Inger-Marie Ytterhorn (Right), and Ågot Valle (Left), and that the vote was unanimous. But that inconvenient fact doesn't fit with his happy little diatribe, so he conveniently forgot to mention it. The egregious Mr Bolt mentions it once, but he thinks he got away with it, by mischaracterising the center-right Høyre as not really right-wing at all, and the isolationist, free-market, populist Fremskrittspartiet as ‘center-right’. And forgot to mention the unanimous bit.

Look, you on the Right — and you know who you are — remember when Bush was in power and you kept laughing at the angry commentary about us on the Left, and how hysterical and reactionary and emotional and wrong we were being?
Well, first: we were right; and second: shut the fuck up. Thank you.
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Shorter Liberal Party: the horror that a union might in any way benefit is sufficient reason for no-one to get anything.

Expanded Shorter Liberal Party: A Shared Pool of Resources is Socialist. Socialism is practically Communism. Communism is practically Stalinism. Stalinism is evil. Therefore any system where everyone puts into a pot and everyone receives benefits therefrom is one short step from Commissars and Gulags. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

Jesus Christ. When Teh Right keeps going on about how st00pid and unreasonable Teh Left are in their hatred of anything which looks like a corporation, maybe they might turn around and look at their own hatred of anything which looks, in poor light from a distance, anything at all like a union. They might also look to see how much actual damage has been done by Teh Left on Corporatism versus that done and continuing by Teh Right on Unionism (arguably, Trades Hall has had little to do with “The Workers United” for the benefit of the workers for decades).

While they enjoy all the benefits that Unionism, when it meant something, has brought to Australian life.
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If Ms Palin is so keen to redefine the word “Socialist” as “baby-eating monster”, maybe she might like to learn what the word actually means first.
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Shorter Sarah Palin: Terrorists are only terrorists if they're Muslims or Democrats. White Republicans can not be terrorists, nor do they ever support terrorism.

The Haneef case. It turns out that after he was arrested at the airport (at which point they were actually justified in their action), it was determined that he would be kept until they could prove he did something. Even the withdrawal of his visa and immigration internment was part of the strategy, not just a last-minute panic reaction. Those of us who said at the time that it was a fix-up? Turns out we were right.
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That web site from a group that no-one has ever heard of ("The Secret Al Qa'eda Jihadi Group of Europe?" "Nonono, the European Secret Jihadist Al Qa'eda Group ... splitters!") claiming responsiblity is being run with as evidence of something.

1) Anyone who has read the City Guard books of Pratchett will recognise the name 'Done-it Duncan'.
2) So, you're saying that Al Qa'eda did this? Wow! Fuck me! I would never have guessed! I thought it was the Boy Scout Association.

Of course, those dropkicks who take that website as conclusive proof of something or other are using it already in their rhetoric to prove ... well, something or other. I'm not sure what, except that taking a website that gives no actual information, and says pretty well what you would expect it to, and taking the fact that it does say what you expect it to as proof of anything only proves that some people desperately need a cranio-rectal-inversion correction. Desperately.


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