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Take one (1) 250GB (Two hundred and fifty Gigabyte) Hard drive.

Fill it with Ghost images (snapshot binaries of the contents of a computer's hard drive, for the purpose of copying onto other computers).

Watch the computer then tell you that this drive is "not formatted, would you like to format it now (yn)?"

Repeat. Twice.

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Down, not across... down, not across... down, not across...
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There was electrical testing here yesterday. I had logged off both my desktops, with an eye to them being trivially turned off in the morning before the RCDs were tripped.

Guess what happened instead.

So, after running around after a bunch of monkeys sparkies — who blithely turned off floors without even letting us know where they were so that we could, as planned, warn anyone to shut down or be shut down — I got back to my PCs, turned them on, and discovered that one of them wasn't coming up properly. The one I use for everything. Some fiddling (including several iterations of telinit 1) and a great deal of (manual) fscking later (the /home partition was comprehensively hosed), I sorta kinda got my desktop back.

Except, KDE lost amost all of its settings.
Except, now thunderbird segfaults whenever I try and look at an email which is charset=UTF-8 ... which includes every single email to come out of the job tracking system. Which is kinda important for my job.


I've rebuilt a KDE session I can live with, but thunderbird is still segfaulting, and I don't know why. Some muttering online about libxp, unless it's libfreetype, unless it's something else. Yes, I've done all the normal things, including reinstalling thunderbird, and all its dependancies from scratch. Bastard.

Update: mutterbloodydependanciesgrumble. There were a couple of libraries in there which I had reflexively updated while upgrading to firefox 1.5 (which necessitated setting unstable in the /etc/apt/sources.list) which I shouldn't have upgraded. The three likely culprits, which I downgraded to the testing versions and the problem went away, are: libc6, libglib2.0-0, and (the most likely culprit) libfontconfig1 2.3.2-1.1, which I put back to v2.3.2-1.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, treasure your ignorance. If you do, and it's useful information, you're welcome.

In other news, I went in to check on Abbi while she was being dressed by Mim this morning. Abbi saw me and said 'No Dad! Go 'way!!', so I covered my face and gave a couple of sobs and "Abbi doesn't like Daddy, oh no! *sob*".

Her reaction?

To chuckle, and say "Funny. Daddy cry. More cry!"

Hrmph. :-/
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At some point, aptitude changed its behaviour and didn't tell anyone.

It used to be that you would start aptitude, and you would find a list of available updates, from which you could select those which you wish to install. Easy. That was obviously too easy, as the new behaviour is to, by default, mark all available upgrades for installation, even the broken ones, then try to sort out dependancies, and mark for deletion packages which will be broken and you wouldn't need anyway, like KDE, or BASH. This is sub-optimal behaviour. Moreover, it is rude, and it took far too long to find the combination of settings which turned it off.

This means that every time I started aptitude, I would have to go through and un-select the packages I didn't want updated, ie., almost all of them. That's a lot of packages. This is long, time consuming, and prone to error. When an error occurred, there is no easy way to see which packages have been chosen to be removed because of broken dependancies (which the package manager's stupidity broke), short of the check just before committing the changes. This is often not enough. Because of the webs of dependancy, I would usually find that the packages thought to be broken, and therefore unnecessary, would include KDE and GNOME. Wheee! As it is, something has fscked up KDE's Mime recognition, which means basically that most of the functionality of the desktop has stopped working, and only guessing the right packages to reinstall has kinda fixed it. (Although it did stomp on various personalisations I had made. muttermuttergrumblefscking$*#@!.)

Long story short, aptitude has made the last two days a fair misery, as I try to restore amends, in between actually working.

I just needed to vent. And let this be a warning to you all: All software sucks, and if it doesn't now, it will in the next version.


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